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I am currently finishing my MSc Digital Media final project – in its basics, a website for user generated video on demand. One of the many issues involved in the development of such a website is the video encoding and thumbnails generation. The encoding software made available by the project clients was Adobe Media Encoder CS4 and Sorenson Squeeze. Both of those packages are great and efficient encoders supporting all kinds of formats (including the H.264 compression standard) and having a lot of features. None of them, however, extremely surprisingly, can generate thumbnails for the encoded videos. Read more >>


XML AMF ActionscriptThe conventional way of exporting or importing data into a Flash application when developing a dynamic website is via XML. XML is the usual “common language” between Actionscript and server-side scripts. Flash exports data to XML, so that later on that XML can be served by PHP to the Flash application as a set of parameters. Sometimes, however, the use of XML can introduce implications when dealing with really data intensive applications – it may mean that a lot of XML files have to be created and stored on the web server and it implies more code to be written to handle the communication with XML (although the newly added XML and XMLList classes with E4X support makes things a lot easier). Read more >>