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Speeding up and optimizing JavaScript

This is an excellent and extremely useful talk by Nicholas Zakas. He discusses JavaScript performance issues including scope management, data access, loops and the DOM. It’s the way these issues are approached that makes the difference between mere scripting and front-end engineering.

High Performance Websites and YSlow

Yahoo!’s Exceptional Performance Team has identified 14 best practices for making web pages faster. These best practices have proven to reduce response times of Yahoo! properties by 25-50%. In this talk Steve Souders goes in-depth on these best practices and the research behind them. He demonstrates YSlow and does some live performance analysis of popular web sites. Enjoy the talk (the audio is bad only during the first 3-4 mins)

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  1. Good advice. In case anyone is interested – I’ve assembled a list of useful online tools, which can be used to analyze bottlenecks in front-end performance of your website: http://bit.ly/k1GJ0h. Any feedback or additions to the list are welcome

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