I enjoy creating graphics in all forms and for all kinds of purposes. Below are some samplers of my work. Some of the graphics were created for clients, logo competitions, posters, wallpapers or just for fun.

American University in Bulgaria Yearbook 2008

This is the cover of the American University in Bulgaria Yearbook 2008.

AUBG Yearbook

ESP Truckster Inspiration

This is a wallpaper inspired by James Hetfield’s signature series ESP Truckster guitar. Download full size

ESP Truckster Inspiration

gTweep is a web application that brings a geo semantic approach to tweeting. It uses the Twitter and Google Maps APIs to create a unified interface for mapping tweets according to their geo-location. The logo had to reflect this unification of Google and Twitter.

gTweep Logo

CodeIgniter Logo Wallpaper

CodeIgniter is a great open-source PHP framework. Once I was looking for a CodeIgniter wallpaper to put on my desktop and could not find any. So I decided to redraw the logo and create one. Download full size

CodeIgniter Logo

TexturesFreak.com is a mind-blowing website that provides an endless amount of free high quality textures. The freaky camera-like robot in the logo is Mr Frik. His true passion is going around town snapping textures all day long.

TexturesFreak Logo

Aura Spring

During my work in radio AURA as a producer, I often enjoyed refreshing the studio desktop computers. This is a part of a series of wallpapers I did for AURA for spring 2008. It does not have any genius idea behind it, but it does look bright and fresh.

Radio Aura Logo

Aura Spring Daisies

Yet another very bright and colorful theme that brings a touch of spring to your desktop.

Radio Aura Logo

Aura Winter

This is a winter version of the AURA wallpaper.

Radio Aura Logo

Aura Pulse

Aura Pulse is another wallpaper for those who enjoy darker themes.

Radio Aura Logo

Aura Ink Splatter

Aura Ink Splatter is one of my first wallpapers for radio Aura. Thought of the idea while I was having an exam and my desk was all messy and inked all over.

Radio Aura Logo

Students vs Alumni

Every year in the American University in Bulgaria there is a competition between current students and alumni. This is one of the posters for the event I created while I was still a student. Now, that I am part of the alumni, I am not quite sure my approach would be the same!

AUBG Alumni challenge

SiteMesh is a web-page layout and decoration framework. I took part in a competition for a logo for the framework. Although my design did not win, it was among the finalists and I am proud of it.

Sitemesh logo

Weird 3D Spider rendering

This is one of my first attempts to explore sub-D modeling in 3Ds Max and rendering with V-Ray.

3D spider

Thomas Edison Inventing the Bulb

This is one of the scenes from a 3D animation I did with Bjorgvin Ivar Gudbrandsson and Dogg Lara Sigurgeirsdottir, colleagues of mine from my MSc Digital Media course. We had to re-create the moment when Thomas Edison finally got his bulb to work. For the history freaks - by no means do we want to argue whether he really was the first to invent the bulb!

Thomas Edison

The lab of Thomas Edison in Menlo Park

This is a model of Thomas Edison’s laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey. This was one of the most difficult scenes to create a light system for. There are several sky portals bringing in light from the outside along with a system of spot and photometric lights to create the warmly lit environment of the night when the electric bulb was invented.

Thomas Edison

The lab of Thomas Edison in Menlo Park - daylight

This is an intermediate stage in the modeling of Thomas Edison’s lab rendered with a daytime light rig.

Thomas Edison

Puppet Evolution

This shows the stages in the creation of the puppet characters for a website I did for an imaginary arts organization called The Monkey Death Cult (this was part of a coursework). Those puppets were later animated using the inverse kinematics system in Flash CS4.

Puppet evolution

MDC under construction signs

Those are the “under construction” signs I came up with for the Monkey Death Cult website.


Happy Summer is a project I did for a databases class back in the university. We had to develop a database for a Work and Travel agency called Happy Summer. This is the logo I came up with for the project. Nothing better in the summer than lying under the sun.

happy summer logo

The Enterprise Lab is managed by the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Enterprise. It provides entrepreneurial students and graduates from all disciplines with the advice and support. This is my entry in the competition for a logo.

elab logo

Axdale is a software company. This is the logo I created for the company as part of a logo competition.

Axdale logo

Kollector is an audio-video web application. This design was part of the competition for a logo.

Kollektor logo


I designed this OUIJA board as a background for an iPhone application that was supposed to tell you the future by contacting some spirits (don’t ask).

OUIJA board